The Home Page for the Decendents of William and Mahalah Spencer,
William's parents: Richard and Ann, also Richard's father William

Special recognition is in order for Robert Spencer who compiled most of the family infomation contained in the geneology section of this web site.

The following family names are contained in the Spencer family listings:

Ashley Audet-Lapointe Autio Backes Backos Barthel Bartle Beard Beckley Benoit Beyerl Bird Bittar Bitterwolf Bourbon Brill Brosseau Brousseau Brown Brownley Bruso Burrel Cadwell Clements Close Cole Corwin Cotton Crenz Crow Cuddeback Curry Deason Davis Deming Dempsey Deniau Dreizekuter Duquette Dwight Elder Elliot Ellmaker Falzone Farrell Fightmaster Fisher Fitzpatrick Flint Flynt Foisy Forness Frank Frazier Fries Frigand Frost Fry Galati Gatehouse Gaudion Gibbs Gierend Gillies Godin Goodwin Graovoc Greslon Gromley Hack Hanbach Hanbeck Harkell Hartman Harvey Hebert Heintzman Henchman Herring Hiltpold Hite Hoar Hogg Horsch Howard Ingraham Kangas Kells Kidwell Kilbourne Klein Kline Kraus Jaffri Kangas Keidel Krempasky Kruger Kuhn Lanciault Lebaron Leber Leocq Longmore Macfadden Madigan Magel Mahafie Mallison Maltese Manhardt Matheis Max McGuire McMillen McNicholas Michels Millen Moll Moody Morgan Morris Muller Murphy Noble Norris Northwehr Noteware O'Leary Olsen Orwell Page Pangburn Partridge Passaretti Perry Pfeiffer Philp Pierce Rogers Poivre Race Ring Root Roote Rose Rugle Russell Scheid Schellhorn Schozott Schwalam Sciandra Scott Shinick Siemann Simpson Smith Spencer Staub Stebbins Stehlin Stoll Stone Stratton Suozzi Sutton Symington Taylor Tough Tredo Troy Vanostrand Veraguth Vilikangas Vunter Weisburger Weiser White Whittle Williamson Witcomb Wolter Wood Woodworth Wootton

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